Things unique at Parampara

  • Rooted in


    With roots in tradition, we branch out, touching all possible horizons, aiming to master techniques that are not only traditionally rich, but also impart the inherent systems that stem from ages ago.

  • Constantly


    While our focus is to teach the rich variety that supplements identity to our traditional dance forms, the quest to evolve ensures we never let the creativity within lie low. Evolving is next level growth and we firmly believe in honing that.

  • Collaborative


    At Parampara, we believe we grow better when we come together. Collaborating offers a finer chance at experimenting with skills one has worked on and acquiring more to celebrate two strengths as one.


'You never just learn what you set out for. You learn from everything that leads you to it.'


At Parampara, here is what we strive for.

About The Director

Bijal Haria

Elegant form, proficient knowledge and eternal grace define Bijal Haria’s eloquent character. Her boundless desire to learn and grow in her field of art and impart the same to the younger generation in its purest form are core ideals that form an integral part of her journey as a classical dancer.


Late Shri Dr. S.D. Desai

Art has oceanic depths. In the age of shortcuts to spectacular success, it is gladdening to see a relatively young dancer and the academy she runs, to plunge and explore the depths. With the personal preparedness that she is building up, she holds a promise for the future when she could make a significant contribution to dance studies and practice in Gujarat.

Padmabhushan Guru Dr. Raja Radha Reddy

Bijal Haria has learnt Kuchipudi dance from us at our Natya Taringini, Performing Arts Centre, New Delhi. She has given many mesmerising performances, in India and abroad. She has been imparting Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance to the younger generation in her institute in Ahmedabad.

Late Padmashri Dr. Sunil Kothari

The modest beginnings with her revered gurus have led Bijal to venture into inviting scholars and artistes from outstation to expose her students to different forms of dance and academic discourse. One compliments Bijal Haria for providing a role model to other dancers of younger generation, continuing with her doctoral studies and performances.

    ऊर्ध्वोर्ध्वमारुह्य यदर्थतत्त्वं धीः पश्यति श्रान्तिमवेदयन्ती। फलं तदाद्यैः परिकल्पितानां विवेकसोपानपरम्पराणाम्॥

    The ultimate cause which the mind perceives As it ascends higher and higher without tire Rests at the end of the staircase of wisdom Created by ancient seers stair by stair

    Our anecdotes

    Through our blogs we aim to elucidate and inspire the public what classical dance truly is. These are anecdotes of the beauty and depth of Indian art and the various aspects of Indian culture.

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