About The Director

Bijal Haria

Bijal Haria expresses lucidity and fluency in not one but two Indian classical dance forms - Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, with great elegance and grace. She began training as a 9-year-old and has delved into the depths of pursuing a PhD. in Bharat Natyam while still being a Kuchipudi maestro. Bijal has shining examples of rigorous training - first from respected guru Ms Smita Shastri and then from the renowned guru and SNA Awardee Dr Sandhya Purecha. Not satisfied with her initial Diplomas, she joined Bharata College and obtained Masters in Fine Arts and further mastered the art of Kuchipudi from the eminent guru and Padma Bhushan Dr Raja Radha Reddy

My Vision

The core essence of classical dance is that despite being bound by the Shastras and scriptures it offers an ocean of knowledge and  opportunities to explore and learn through one’s creativity. Not all humans are good dancers but all dancers train to become good humans in this divine journey. A new perspective, a new outlook and a new personality altogether is gifted to those who have nothing but sheer passion and respect for art.

Growth. That’s what my journey has been about. Growth in terms of hard work, management, discipline, commitment, and so much more. Parampara academy of performing arts has become another home for me. I received the warmth that I could not have received anywhere else. I believe to have developed a genuine relationship with Bijal Tai and Jagruti Ma’am, and respect based on devotion. I am truly and deeply indebted to them and the academy.

Student - Anushka Dhannawat:

My experience as a student at Parampara academy of performing arts has been very inspiring. In every class i get to learn something new, not only about this exhilarating classical dance but also about aspects of life. Bijal tai has taught me lessons of life that couldn’t be learnt in a classroom of 4 walls. She taught us about hard work and dedication to dance. I am very lucky to be part of this journey with Parampara.

Student - Mirambika Patel

My daughters Manini and Himani have been pursuing Bharatanatyam for the past 9 years under the able guidance of Guru Bijal Haria, at Parampara Academy of Performing Arts. Through a very coherent curriculum of Bharatanatyam and Arangetram practices, my daughters have not only gained knowledge about the History of this auspicious dance form but also imbibed various qualities like self-confidence and determination. Their inquisitive thoughts were very well nurtured by their Guru.

Parent – Sarika Majithia

Bijal Haria has learnt Kuchipudi dance from us at our Natya Taringini, Performing Arts Centre, New Delhi. She has given many mesmerizing performances, in India and abroad. She has been imparting Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance to the younger generation in her institute in Ahmedabad.

Guru- Padmabhushan Guru Shri Raja Radha Reddy

Art has oceanic depths. In the age of shortcuts to spectacular success, it is gladdening to see a relatively young dancer and the academy she runs, to plunge and explore the depths. With the personal preparedness that she is building up, she holds a promise for the future when she could make a significant contribution to dance studies and practice in Gujarat.

Guru - Late Shri Dr. S. D Desai

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